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TextOnly Reader Pro

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TextOnly (Ads Free) is a browser/reader which reduces data usage by 80-90% by displaying only readable content from webpages.It strips unwanted content like ads,scripts,images etc.This is Ads free version of the popular TextOnly Browser which has been mentioned in topsites.(See below)
NewYork Times - (Mentioned as one of the top 10 apps for 2011)
TechCrunch (Top Tech blog)
Wired (Top blog):
Features:1.Ease of reading articles on websites2.Strips out unwanted content like Ads,CSS,sidebar,header3.Reduces Data usage by 80-90%4.Multiple modes of reading(RSS/Links/Normal)5.Read TextOnly pages from Google searcg6.Supports more than 90% of websites except few7.Almost all sites with a good RSS feed are supported8.Articles would be listed in a simple format9.Now you can open any links on Twitter/Facebook/Any app using TextOnly9.Bookmarks to access sites easily.
This app works on more than 90% of sites..Please email me or send me the feedback if the site your browsing is not compatible with my app before commenting here
Video in Brazilian top site :
To view the browser version of it,visit (This would work with any mobile browser_